Are your funds appropriate?

This useful report uniquely summarises the results of your chosen funds and forms a robust judgement as to the appropriateness of each solution. Ensuring your funds and investment solutions remain fully compliant, avoiding the potential risk of regulatory penalties.

Easily include objectives for each Investment Pathway based on consumer characteristics data from the wider market. Alternatively, we can assess appropriateness against your specific objectives, giving you greater flexibility.

The detail from the Appropriateness Report will be invaluable as part of your product design process and provide your IGC or GAA with evidence that you have undertaken the required due diligence and compliance efforts.

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Our Ultimate Guide explains everything you need to know about our investment pathways solutions and how to purchase them.

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EV Investment Pathways

We can help you explain the risk and reward of the investment choices to fit each consumer objective through our Investment Pathways solution.

Investment Pathways choices software includes a range of easy to read forecasts and charts, helping you to communicate each pathway outcome and risk clearly to your customers whilst managing expectations and informing decision making.

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Investment Pathways


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