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What is it?

Our Digital Transformation platform delivers partial or fully automated advice and guidance processes.

So, you can give your customers complete choice over the level of support they need when purchasing financial products.

From a single software engine, you can offer customers a choice between:
  • Self-service advice with guidance
  • Highly affordable digital advice and guidance
  • Traditional face-to-face advice and guidance

And between all these options, your customers are guaranteed a seamless handover. We can integrate our digital services into your existing processes, or help you deliver all three routes.

We can provide compliant, fully automated online advice for:
  • Pre-retirement
  • Mortgage protection
  • Financial health check

At-retirement advice is in development, due for launch in March 2019.

Reduce time and improve customer experience

This large high-street financial institution needed to streamline its financial planning advice.
woman raising hands in celebration while looking at a financial health check on a laptop

The existing process was long and manual: staff handed out leaflets to customers, who faced a drawn-out process to get advice. It was stifling efforts to improve customer experience and limited how many people could access advice services.

Our client knew it needed a more efficient process to meet the growing demand for accessible and personalised advice.

Our solution

We created a Digital Advice Transformation platform to automate processes. It provides our client's customers with:

  • an accessible and personalised solution that gives them the confidence and motivation to save, and where appropriate, invest.
  • a financial health check tool that helps them identify areas of financial focus.
woman raising hands in celebration while looking at a financial health check on a laptop

Results include

  • Savings advice time reduced by 90%
  • Investments advice time reduced by several hours
  • Staff can spend better quality time with their customers
  • Customers get an accessible and personalised platform to help them save and invest
  • The solution was rolled out across the country, following a successful pilot
See how this could work for you

One Financial Adviser: offering low-cost, compliant and automated advice

One Financial Adviser spotted a gap in the market for affordable, automated advice. The combination of the ‘advice gap', the introduction of pension freedoms, and the establishment of the FCA Sandbox has created a unique opportunity.

Over 9 million people are newly saving into workplace pension schemes, with the industry worth over £2 trillion, and they need access to advice on potentially life-changing decisions. One Financial Adviser's challenge was to create a low-cost, affordable automated process that delivered fully compliant advice.

Our solution

EValue created a digital platform and tested it in the FCA Sandbox. The innovative algorithm-driven advice was consumer-tested in the Sandbox for pre-retirement.

It looked at the advice process around accumulating for retirement, considering factors such as age and target retirement income to advise on how much an individual needs to contribute.

At-retirement advice is now in development, where people can get advice on what to do with their pension pot at the point of retirement.

Investment advice tool

The results

One Financial Adviser can now offer fully automated advice that's compliant, at a low cost. The turnkey solution offers benefits such as:

  • Robust and suitable retirement strategies created by advice that considers all financial information, including all savings and investments.
  • Access to an innovative, brand-agnostic fully-automated advice solution, proven in the FCA Sandbox, which can be tailored to fit business strategy.
  • Improvements to consumer engagement and experience through affordable and digital advice.
  • Opportunity to offer compliant advice to those who need it, without taking on the risk and regulatory responsibility.
Find out more about One Financial Adviser

The benefits of digital advice and guidance


Reduce the cost and time it takes to help more people


Extend your market reach without increasing your workforce

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction
Meet the rising need for low-cost, easily accessible advice with great customer experience


Give your customers complete choice over the support they want when making financial decisions


Ensure your customers can move between advice and guidance channels seamlessly and problem-free


Seize the opportunity in the market caused by the advice gap

Why choose EValue for your digital journey?


For many years we've provided financial institutions with a comprehensive suite of financial planning and advice tools, together with risk management support. We've helped over 900 adviser firms digitise their processes.


In a six-month participation in the FCA's Sandbox, we built and tested a fully digital and regulated advice process. It successfully engaged consumers. And it proved that automated advice could be delivered in a compliant way without any involvement from human advisers.


The advice engine components that power this solution were in the FCA's Sandbox as part of a proposition for our One Financial Adviser. As far as we're aware, it's the only robo advice provider to have fully satisfied all the requirements under the FCA's Conduct of Business Sourcebook.


We've committed £5m to developing a full suite of digital advice solutions.
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