Together, let's tackle the industry challenges around drawdown

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Pension Freedom was introduced in 2015 leading to radical changes for the UK pensions market. Resulting in consumers taking more control over their retirement savings, and businesses delivering solutions that help their clients achieve sustainable retirement income levels for life.

Today, flexi-access drawdown is a realistic option for many consumers, some with modest amounts saved. We are here to help with a suite of integrated, risk-modelled drawdown solutions that empower you to meet your clients’ sustainable income objectives.

A new approach to drawdown

Whether you’re an Asset Manager looking for optimised strategic asset allocations for drawdown or supporting consumers achieve better outcomes by fully understanding their capacity for loss and downside risk to protect their desired lifestyle in retirement, we can help.

Our range of market-leading solutions helps you meet the challenges head-on helping your customers meet their income needs and goals in retirement and fully meeting regulatory requirements.

  • Bespoke risk-rated drawdown solutions delivering for your client a sustainable income for life
  • An income risk questionnaire designed to provide you with suitable questioning based on a customer’s drawdown objectives
  • Transparent decumulation risk-rating which can be applied to any fund or portfolio of funds
  • Realistic modelling taking into account of risk preferences, personal circumstances, investment policy, life expectancy, inflation and more
  • Quantifying downside risk and capacity-for- loss, addressing FCA guidelines and tackling industry challenges
  • Deliver suitable retirement drawdown advice with our market-ready Digital At and In Retirement Advice and range of fully integrated adviser tools.
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EV Digital Advice Framework

Confidence you’re building on solid foundations.

Market proven technology solutions to create your own digital advice process

Our market-ready Digital Advice Framework and range of fully integrated adviser tools, provide you with the foundations needed to deliver a simplified digital advice proposition to your organisation.

EV Risk Profiling

A range of psychometric questionnaires enables you to accurately establish your clients’ attitude to risk, capacity for loss, and ESG preferences. Identify how comfortable your client is with the volatility of their investment outcomes or the sustainability of their income and communicate risk in an easy to understand way.

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Risk Profiler
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EV Fund Risk Rating Service

Quickly and accurately risk rate any portfolio or fund range. We do this by applying a consistent and robust approach to determining the fund’s risk compared to the asset allocation benchmarks from any standard risk profiling questionnaire or process.

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EV Multi-Asset Allocations

Unleash the power of diversification

Our solutions support your end-to-end investment process by empowering your research teams with a range of quarterly reports, detailing the power of asset diversification and current macroeconomic factors. 

This enriched data content is based on the underlying intellectual property of our strategic asset allocation modelling and can be fully customised around your needs, or directly replicate into your funds, optimising your multi-asset allocations.

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Investment Pathways

EV Investment Pathways

Empower your customers with total control to explore their retirement options. Including the ability to compare drawdown, cash, and annuity outcomes in a way that’s simple to understand, and meets your regulatory Investment Pathways obligations.

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EV Pension Freedom Planner

This easy to use and intuitive tool simplifies the complex, allowing consumers to explore their intricate retirement options in greater detail with little effort. The handy planning tool empowers users to analyse their current retirement situation, based on all of the assets and income they may have available during their retirement. It allows them to quickly alter their retirement options and explore “what if” scenarios to clearly show how changing any retirement plan element could improve their lifestyle in the future.

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EV 3-in-1 Retirement Options

Designed to allow your customers to quickly compare their retirement options side-by-side, including opportunities to compare drawdown, cash, and annuity outcomes that are simple to understand. Once they have selected a retirement option, they can go directly into Pension Freedoms Planner to look at the decision in greater detail.