configurable and adaptable tools

Highly configurable tools that give your customers an improved experience to help them make better financial decisions.

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Tools to meet your every need

Our tools help both advisers and end users unravel the complexities of financial decision-making. You'll find a tool for every need – whether that's understanding risk suitability, investigating retirement options or analysing portfolios.

To help people make the most informed decisions, the majority of our tools are available in both adviser versions and consumer versions. Everyone has access to the same tech – making sure everyone's on the same page. In most cases, the adviser versions have added functionality.

You can either use our tools off-the-shelf, configured to your needs. Or, you can tailor a tool to your specific requirements, creating a bespoke version for your organisation.

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Risk profiler

This easy-to-use risk profiler tool lets you understand a client's risk tolerance using either pre-set or bespoke questions.

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Direct-to-Consumer Risk Profiler

Give your consumers a bespoke experience when it comes to measuring their risk capacity: either start with their targets or with their risk profile.

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Retirement Planning


With 3-in-1, your consumers can see their retirement choices side by side. They can easily compare the information to make better decisions.

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Retirement Planner

Use Retirement Planner with your customers to alter their retirement options and targets, and help them stay on track for retirement goals.

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Pensions Freedom Planner (PFP)

Give your consumers detailed guidance for their retirement options. PFP is a comprehensive review of their pension and helps them take action.

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Flexible Retirement Options (FRO)

This helpful tool lets consumers compare and understand their options if they're considering transferring out of a final salary scheme.

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Investment forecasting

ISA Forecaster

This simple tool lets you display forecasts of a stocks and shares ISA and how it may perform over time, and compares this to a cash ISA.

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Investment planner

Use Investment Planner to show your customers their investment risk, comparing how investments with a particular risk profile perform compared to cash.

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Fund picker

Use Fund Picker to help your customers build a portfolio suitable for a risk profile and term. It ensures compliance while delivering great service.

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Portfolio analyser

Portfolio Analyser lets you optimise portfolios by quickly identifying how to invest to get the best possible return, depending on risk profile.

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Funds Risk Assessor

Manage ongoing portfolios and make sure they're always suitable for their designated risk profile with Funds Risk Assessor.

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Cash flow Planning

Lifetime cashflow planner

Manage multiple goals over the lifetime of your customer and make sure they're staying on track.

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Protection planner

Have quick and easy conversations with your customers about life cover with our Protection Planner tool.

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