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Forecast future outcomes

Insight helps provide a full picture of investment prospects in a format that's easy to apply – even in complex situations. It makes sure investment decisions are based on a strong foundation of understanding.

Why Insight is a good source of forecasts

Good forecasting solutions are hard to find. Many investors are forced to rely on over-extended models, stale averages and misleading assumptions about key investments.

Insight is different.

From the start, we designed Insight to model investors' financial outcomes – whether that's saving for retirement or managing income withdrawal from assets.

Insight's forecasts:

  • Consider dividend and interest income.
  • Capture the important properties of investments.
  • Address uncertainty in terms of the final outcome, as well as the uncertainty along the investment journey.
Asset Forecasting

Insight asset forecasts

Building a successful asset model required a large investment of time and resources - and stretched the boundaries of what could be done with computers and financial modelling. As a result, our cutting-edge model is:

  • Coherent - Outcomes can be viewed in different currencies, adjusted for inflation.
  • Forward-looking - Future outcomes are based on current market expectations, not simple historic averages.
  • Empirically-based - Insight is updated with market prices and decades of historical market data.
Asset Forecasting

Uses for Insight's forecasts

Insight is delivered as a set of scenarios which together show the range and average outcome that history, market conditions and careful modelling lead us to expect.

Each scenario represents a coherent and realistic path for asset prices, income flows, interest, inflation and exchange rates. This makes it straightforward to work out what could happen to an investment plan along the journey as well as at the end. The journey is particularly important when considering:

  • Lifetime cashflow modelling, including the ability to meet expenses or goals over an individual's lifetime
  • Income withdrawal modelling, taking into consideration the vagaries of sequencing risk
  • Investments over time, given underlying asset classes have different returns and volatility depending on the time periods involved.

Additionally, Insight is robust and sensitive enough that we use it for managing dynamic asset allocations for model portfolios and mutual funds.

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