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We created the EV Innovation Community to give you a chance to influence our development process and give you early access to the latest updates and improvements we will be making now and in the future.

Below you will find a summary of our phased releases for our latest builds. Check back every couple of weeks for the latest updates, videos and content.

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EVDirect Retirement Architect

This fifth phase continues to develop the Retirement Architect tool.

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What's Next?

Our focus on phase 6 we will be adding the following updates:

+  Additional what if scenarios
+  What if help guide and tips
+  Gender inclusivity updates

Previous updates


In this phase, we have continued work on our  Retirement Architect tools.

Finalising the development of  Retirement Architect, we have completed our rebrand and content review of the remaining two sections; Explore making changes and Action summary.

We’ve also made several functional changes to each of these sections.

In Explore making changes, we’ve restyled how we communicate the current versus revised values to ensure the impact of the changes is clear.

We’ve also added new educational text and summary values to guide the consumers through their use of the tool.

In the Action summary, we’ve added new modals for each section to inform the consumer how they can action any of the changes they wish to make.

As this section is the end of their journey in the tool, we’ve added a feedback button to share their experience, and we can use this valuable information to ensure our tools are satisfying their needs.

Finally, we’ve added some generic text to give the consumer some useful tips on the next steps.

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This phase of development has been focused upon our Retirement Snapshot and Retirement Architect tools.

We’ve added the consumer’s pension value at retirement to the ‘Compare Options’ modal for both of these tools.

Continuing our previous work on Retirement Snapshot, we’ve addressed a few bugs as part of a general tidy-up.

Our work on Retirement Architect will continue into our fourth phase as we have focussed on the Current Plan section initially, and so only this area of the tool is available in Test.

The Current Plan has undergone a full rebrand and layout update to improve usability.

We’ve added a new modal to the tool that assists consumers in understanding why they are not currently meeting their target.

And the budget planner now appears by default when the consumer selects to ‘set your own to ensure this valuable functionality is exposed to them.

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The second phase focuses on our Income Strategy, Investment Forecaster and Retirement Snapshot tools.

The Investment Forecaster and Retirement Snapshot tools have undergone a full content review and branding update like in our previous phase.

We’ve updated our Risk Dial within the Income Strategy to reflect our latest style changes.

And we've made the following changes to the Retirement Snapshot tool:

A Learn More menu has been added to support the consumer’s education. This will include functionality such as educational content, feedback functionality and FAQs. 

We’ve also added the “Learn about retirement options” modal, which will appear by default for any user to step them through some basic retirement facts and how to get the most value out of the tool.

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Our first phase focuses on our Risk, Income Strategy and Retirement Options tools.

These tools have undergone a full content review and branding update to align with our recent rebrand to EV.

We’ve added a new summary page to the Risk tool and a re-ordering of the final screen to better support the consumer’s education.

We've also made the following changes to the Retirement Options tool:

The questionnaire section is now designed with mobile usage in mind, and we’ve refreshed the summary screen that shows the 3 retirement options. 

A new feedback button has been added that allows the consumer to provide a star score out of 5 and text feedback. 

Finally, we’ve added a specific call to action button to navigate the consumer back into your journeys. You can access the changes now by visiting the link below.

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First of all, thank you for joining. In doing so, you will be helping us continue the development of our latest consumer guidance solutions and building new products over the coming years. 

By taking part, you’ll be given a voice in aiding our latest updates and builds to enable better consumer engagement and the future of financial technology.

We welcome any feedback you may have so don’t be afraid to reach out with a suggestion or idea you’d like to explore, please let us know by emailing me at davidmcdonald@ev.uk.

Over the next few months we’ll be sending you some short surveys and inviting you to focus group sessions, so please keep an eye out for those as your feedback is valued.

We’re delighted to have you in the program and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our upcoming guidance solutions.

Let’s get started!


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