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Some of your questions answered

We've tried to answer some common questions below. If you have a question not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact contact@ev.uk or take a look at the further reading below.


What is EValue's approach to asset modelling and asset allocations?

Markets have changed quite a bit over recent years. Has this impacted EValue's approach?

What are the benefits of a forward-looking approach?

How often is the Insight model updated?

What are the risk premiums assumed for the equity assets classes?

What are the risk premiums assumed for the fixed income asset classes?


What type of assumptions are used for the returns on all classes of investments?

What assumption does EValue use for inflation?

How are EValue's assumptions for international equity and property growth derived?

How does EValue estimate median real returns for equities over the future, say over 10 years in the UK?

How does EValue establish expected nominal cash returns, especially for shorter terms?

Can clients and advisers easily obtain details of the growth and inflation numbers underpinning EValue's projections?


How are recommended asset allocations calculated?

What risk targets are used to set the allocations?

Is age taken into account in the asset allocations?

Why do EValue's asset allocations differ to others available in the market?

Does the Insight model incorporate a commodity asset class?

How does EValue deal with potential poor customer outcomes, for instance heavy cash allocations with expected low returns?

What charges are assumed when optimising the allocations?

Where can I find more information?