The yield curve is an indicator of the location of the future distribution of investment returns. At the heart of the EV Asset Model is a ground-breaking interest rate model that makes accurate predictions of the future range of yield curves for various economies and drives the general level of asset class returns.

Expected yields in 5 years

The table shows expectations for the 10-year nominal government bond rate in 5 years for various economies as modelled by the EV Asset Model.

10 year nominal rate UK US EU JP
25th percentile 0.51% 1.90% 0.39% 0.38%
median 1.76% 3.10% 1.06% 1.16%
mean 2.18% 3.25% 1.26% 1.35%
75th percentile 3.46% 4.44% 1.94% 2.13%