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EV Risk Profiling

A range of psychometric questionnaires enables you to accurately establish your clients’ attitude to risk, capacity for loss, and ESG preferences. Identify how comfortable your client is with the volatility of their investment outcomes or the sustainability of their income and communicate risk in an easy to understand way.

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Risk Profiler
Investment planner (1)

EV Investment Planner

Demonstrate the potential risk-reward trade-off based on different investments scenarios that align with your client’s risk profile.

Compare a variety of assets or investments,  taking into account your client’s risk profile, the amount of investment and the time horizon. The tool can also show the chance of reaching your client’s target investment pot size and take into account tax and the term of the investment.

EV Retirement Planner

Communicate the potential size of your client’s retirement pot based on his/her pension and investment arrangements.

The forecasted income or fund value at the point of retirement is shown, together with any state or DB pensions. The tool illustrates several outcomes, taking into account a variety of possible future market movements. By including other pensions and investments, a holistic retirement plan can be created. The tool can also show the chance of reaching your client’s income target, given the level of investments and contributions.

Retirement planner

EV Portfolio Analyser

Analyse your client’s existing assets, taking into account fees, fund performance, the client’s risk profile, and the taxation of the existing product.

Using this information, you can construct an optimised portfolio consisting of new and existing investments. You can explain the probability of new and existing assets, and show the likelihood of future performance, taking full account of charges and tax. 

EV Funds Risk Assessor

Funds Risk Assessor Supports recommendations of individual funds, taking into account your client’s overall portfolio.

It ensures that all client assets are aligned to your client’s risk profile over their desired investment term. 

PFP (1)

EV Pension Freedom Planner

Designed to help consumers explore their retirement options in greater detail.

The planning tool enables the user to analyse their current retirement situation, based on all of the assets and income that they may have available during their retirement. It allows them to alter their retirement options and explore “what if”  scenarios to show, how changing any element of their retirement plan could improve their lifestyle in the future.

EV Retirement Options

Designed to allow your customers to see their retirement options side-by-side, including opportunities to compare drawdown, cash and annuity outcomes in an easy to understand way.

Once they have chosen a retirement option, they can go directly into Pension Freedoms Planner to look at the decision in more detail.



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