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04 October 2017 | Victoria McKeever

FE launches risk-profiling tool for advisers

Investment ratings and research provider FE has launched a risk-profiling tool to assist advisers with their suitability requirements and assessing their clients' attitudes to risk.

02 October 2017 | FE Analytics
Investment ratings and research provider FE has launched FE Analytics + Investment Planner - an investment tool designed to help advisers assess clients’ attitude to risk, select suitable investment options and summarise the investment advice process in ‘client-friendly’ reports.
17 August 2017 | Rebecca Wilson
Estimates from the Labour Force Survey show that, between January to March 2017 and April to June 2017, the number of people in work increased, the number of unemployed people fell, and the number of people aged from 16 to 64 not working and not seeking or available to work (economically inactive) also fell.
17 August 2017 | Bruce Moss
Productivity remains a huge challenge for UK businesses. Yet there are simple but significant steps that employers can take to help to address the issue, such as using innovative technology that improves employee engagement with their finances and boosts their financial wellbeing.
11 August 2017 | Sam Brodbeck
Tens of thousands of people have opened new Lifetime Isas, or "Lisas", since they launched in April 2017. But is it better for you to save into a pension or this new type of Isa?
11 August 2017 | CNBC
Bruce Moss, founder and strategy director at EValue, discusses pensions and retirement.
19 July 2017 | Katherine Denham
Our work lives are becoming increasingly malleable as millions of us turn our backs on steady nine-to-five jobs and choose to go freelance instead.
13 July 2017 | Fintech Finance
In response to the FCA’s report revealing that over half of pension pots accessed as a result of the pension freedoms have been fully withdrawn, Bruce Moss, Director of Strategy at EValue comments.
13 July 2017 | FP Today
The Financial Conduct Authority has identified a number of pension areas where ‘intervention’ may be necessary following the introduction of the pension freedoms in April 2015.
07 July 2017 | Tim Cooper
Manchester-based national adviser Lift-Financial has introduced a short-dated bond portfolio for its clients, to use in combination with existing in-house portfolios.