Available tools and widgets

Fund Picker

Fund Picker lets you help your customers build a portfolio that meets their risk profile – without offering them advice. You can use the tool to select some funds and check if they're on the right risk profile.

You can choose what risk profile you're aiming for and the length of investment period, and Fund Picker will display whether the funds are suitable or not. It goes into further detail too: there's a scale in each risk profile, making it easy to see whether you're at the lower, middle or upper end of the profile. Fund Picker also considers the term too. If you change the term, you might get a different risk profile, so you can analyse a customer's portfolio in great depth.

Using Fund Picker, you can help your customers without giving them advice. You can help them create a portfolio that's suitable for their risk profile, while making sure they can clearly see why. As customers can see the forecast then select the funds, they have a greater understanding of the process. You get to improve your customer experience while remaining compliant.

Fund Picker

Portfolio Analyser

Portfolio Analyser lets you optimise your customers' portfolios in the most advantageous way, while remaining within a risk profile. It takes all your customers' investments and optimises them to meet their risk profile over the term they've set. So, you can make sure each portfolio achieves the risk profile you're aiming for.

The tool's dashboard gives you detailed insight and analysis, including past and future projections and a breakdown of assets. You can also see how the portfolio should be optimised to achieve the right risk profile.

Portfolio Analyser lets you quickly identify how to invest to get the best possible return, depending on the risk profile. You simply click a button and an algorithm rebalances your investments, telling you what to invest and where. This helps you create the most efficient portfolio, while staying on risk.

So, you can deal with customers more efficiently and robustly. And as you can prove that the portfolio changes are suitable, you can remain compliant.

Portfolio Analyser

Funds Risk Assessor (FRA)

Funds Risk Assessor (FRA) tells you exactly what risk profile a certain portfolio of funds is. You can assess risk against one of our own risk benchmarks. Or, because FRA is fully configurable, you can add your own risk benchmarks.

It's a quick and easy way to manage ongoing portfolios, as well as checking your customers' portfolios. FRA makes sure that your funds achieve their risk profiles. And as you can see a scale within each profile, you can see whether it's getting too high or too low, and start making plans to centralise it again.

Funds Risk Assesor