Quarterly Investment Research

Empirically-based, forward-looking objective market assumptions

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Our quarterly investment research delivers valuable, independent Capital Market Assumptions (CMAs) to support the asset allocation decision-making process.

The CMAs are an emergent property of the EV Asset Model rather than an input and have proved highly successful in making asset class and economic forecasts and optimising risk-targeted asset allocations.

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Market update

Discover the latest global market themes and their impact on asset class outlook as viewed by the EV Asset Model.

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Model update

Explore the latest update of asset class returns from the EV Asset Model's economic scenario generator.

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Performance update

See how the latest performance of the EV Asset Model is assessed on a basis of realised returns and predicted ranges.

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Asset allocator

EV Interactive Asset Allocator

Get direct access to the EV Asset Model and test asset allocations against the model’s Capital Market Assumptions. 

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