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Our market-proven, integrated financial technology solutions give you the confidence to deliver the best outcomes for your customers, wherever you sit in the financial ecosystem.


We partner with some of the UK's largest financial institutions, innovative start-ups, and independent providers. Delivering engaging financial planning software solutions and award-winning investment solutions, powered by our proprietary stochastic asset model.

So, whatever problem your business is looking to solve, or challenge you are trying to overcome, our experienced team of specialists are here to help.

About us

Pioneering Accessible Financial Guidance

In the vast tapestry of the financial world, there's a thread that weaves its way from 1993 to the present, a thread of innovation, accessibility, and empowerment. This is the story of EV.

The Seed of Innovation: 1993

Our journey begins in 1993 when the digital world was still in its infancy. EV was just a seed of an idea, determined to change the way people thought about financial planning. At that time, EV provided retirement modellers for employees in the workplace, a simple concept with a profound impact.

The Leap to Independence: 2011

Fast forward to 2011, a pivotal year for EV. It was the year when EV broke free from the confines of a global consulting business to stand independently. This independence was the catalyst for something grander, a mission to democratise financial advice.

A Journey Beyond Retirement Modellers

Today, EV has evolved far beyond its origins. 

We've grown to serve over 3 million employees with our retirement modellers, helping them secure their financial futures. 

EV's calculation engine now models global investment markets, economic indicators, and currencies. These forecasts of investment returns are transformed into software products that benefit financial institutions, financial advisers and consumers alike in their pursuit of financial planning.

Leading the Digital Advice Revolution

EV has set the pace in the market with our range of digital advice solutions. These cutting-edge tools empower hybrid advice models, where the wisdom of human advisers meets the efficiency of technology. 

In 2015 we partnered with two major UK banks to launch digital advice for their ISA and GIA investments. More recently, we partnered with a major Irish bank to deliver EVDigital – a hybrid advice solution across protection, investment and retirement. 


A Trusted Partner of Financial Institutions

EV's impact extends to some of the UK's largest financial institutions. Our products and solutions have become integral to their operations. But it doesn't end there. 

Evolving for Financial Advisers

EV's journey is far from over. Since 2002, we've been offering tools to financial advisers, gaining experience and understanding the evolving needs of the financial industry. In 2014, we introduced Advisa Centa, a complete suite of tools, and in 2022, we took another leap with EVPro.

EVPro provides advice firms with the right tools to interact with their clients more efficiently, saving time and serving more clients through digital engagement processes. Innovative features such as solvers suggest solutions for advisers to show before and after advice outcomes, making the value of advice clear. We're also expanding our integrations with platforms and CRM systems, making our tools even more accessible.

Personalising the Advice Journey

As we usher in 2024, our commitment remains unwavering. We are determined to enhance consumer engagement by personalising the digitally aided advice process. 



The EValue team is established within Towers Perrin, now Willis Towers Watson.

Willis Towers Watson

1999 - 2008

EValue helps the FSA introduce stochastic modelling for regulated products. The start of our asset allocation service for use in a range of risk-targeted funds.



EValue becomes an independent limited company, associated with Financial Express.



Upgrade to economic scenario generator making the most of advances in computing and ensuring suitability for today’s low-interest-rate environment.



Pensions Freedom Planner launched and accessed by 52,000 consumers. The launch of our digital advice framework.

PFP mockup


EValue rebranded to EV in a fresh approach to providing better financial clarity

PA360 EV Logo (2)


EVPro our brand new suite of adviser tools focusing on time saving

EVPro Dark BG


Personalising the Advice Journey with the introduction of the financial planning spectrum.

EV service overview UPDATED June 2023


We have strived to innovate at every turn and this enabled us to be recognised by awards - from leading innovation in the workplace solutions to Best Risk-Profiling Service for Advisers. 

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