We’ve made remarkable progress in recent years and are proud of our achievements. This page highlights our incredible team's exceptional dedication and hard work, who have been instrumental in driving the significant leaps forward we've made and continue to make across financial services.

Group 11001
FSTech Awards

Financial Services Collaboration of the Year

EVDigital received acknowledgement as a cutting-edge and easily navigable wealth management solution, enabling individuals to make well-informed choices regarding their financial prospects.

Integrating digital and hybrid advice maintains the human adviser aspect for intricate client situations while empowering clients to access basic guidance independently. This approach ensures that customers experience attentive service and receive personalised financial support.

Pension Age Awards 24

Innovation Award - Technology

EVDirect Quick Tools received praise for being among the most innovative and impactful technologies in the workplace. Through its diverse advantages, EVDirect Quick Tools effectively captures employees' attention and encourages their active engagement in better understanding of their retirement choices.


National Fintech Awards 2023

National Fintech Awards 2023

Best Wealth Management Solution

EVDigital was recognised as one of the most innovative and user-friendly wealth management solutions, empowering people to make informed decisions about their financial future. The blend of digital and hybrid advice retains the human adviser element for complex client cases while empowering customers to self-serve for simple guidance needs. The solution ensures customers feel listened to and receive a personalised service.


Professional Adviser 23

Professional Adviser Awards 2023

Best Risk-Profiling Service for Advisers
Highly Commended

EVPro earned recognition as one of the most advanced solutions for client risk profiling in the financial adviser market for the second year. Distinguished for its comprehensive approach, the EVPro Risk tool employs an array of psychometric, behavioural, knowledge-based, and ESG questions to assess client risk profiles precisely. EVPro also enables advisers to seamlessly match suitable fund recommendations to the unique risk appetite of each client, showcasing EVPro as a cutting-edge solution for personalised and informed advisory services.

Schroders Award

Schroders Platform Awards 2023

Leading innovation in workplace solutions

Runner Up

EVDirect Quick Tools was recognised as one of the most innovative and effective technologies within the workplace. By offering a broad range of benefits, EVDirect Quick Tools successfully gains employees’ awareness and participation to understand their retirement options better.



Professional Adviser 23

Professional Adviser Awards 2023

Best Rating/Research Service for Advisers

EV was recognised as one of the most widely trusted providers of fund research and ratings for advisers. The EV Risk Ratings Service delivers the best objective-based client outcomes with a consistent and robust approach to determining the level of fund risk. Accessed through our cutting-edge adviser solution, EVPro, advisers can seamlessly match suitable fund recommendations to the unique risk appetite of each client. 

Professional Adviser 22

Professional Adviser Awards 2022

Best Risk-Profiling Service for Advisers

EVPro earned recognition as the best risk-profiling solution in the financial adviser market. The EVPro Risk tool delivers comprehensive client risk profiling that enables advisers to reduce the risk of misaligning their advice process. Advisers can mitigate risk in their business, ensure the suitability of their advice recommendations and avoid regulatory sanctions. This award showcases EVPro as an innovative solution for personalised and risk-aligned advisory services.