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Fund Risk Ratings Service

Group 11001

Support your clients by matching your products to customer risk profiles

We understand it’s important to position your multi-asset funds appropriately along a robust risk scale, so advisers can efficiently select the most suitable investment portfolios for their clients.

Using the same underlying principles used for our adviser based risk questionnaires, we help you complete the circle of allowing advisers to seamlessly match your products with their clients risk profiles.

What are the benefits?


Increase assets under management

as advisers quickly and easily matching your risk-rated funds to their clients’ risk profiles.


Enhanced visibility

with advisers as your risk rated funds appear within our adviser tools and solutions.


Delivering consistency

and robust risk-rated fund propositions that support the delivery of suitable and compliant advice.

How do we determine risk scales?

To calculate the risk rating of each fund or portfolio with precision, a scale that compares the level of risk against a benchmark must be set.
We use a range of target forecast outcomes to determine the position of a fund or portfolio on the risk scale.
The system has three pre-set asset allocation targets:
Dials Risk 10
EV Standard 10
Group 13936
EV Standard 7
Group 8680
EV Standard 5
You also have the flexibility to choose your own risk benchmarks, for example, the risk boundaries and duration for your risk profiling approach.
To learn more about our fund risk-rating methodology and how it can help promote your range of funds or portfolios, please download our helpful guide.
Download the guide here

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Guest Funds

Each quarter we handpick a small selection of funds to risk rate. The default analysis shows ratings for EV's 1-10 risk benchmark over a period of 10 years. If you'd like a more in depth analysis, contact us at contact@ev.uk. Our risk ratings are used by thousands of UK-based advisers.
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