Multi-Asset Allocations

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Unleash the power of diversification, with asset research you can trust.

For risk-rated multi-asset portfolios, both the level and variability of returns are critically important. Getting the asset allocation right is the key driver of both, so much so, that 90% of investment returns are dependent on the right asset allocation. 
Our solutions support your end-to-end investment process by empowering your investment research teams with a range of quarterly reports, detailing the power of asset diversification and current macroeconomic factors. 
This enriched data content is based on the underlying intellectual property of our strategic asset allocation modelling and can be fully customised around your needs, or directly replicate into your funds, optimising your multi-asset allocations.

Our Investment Beliefs

We have an industry-leading range of dynamic multi-asset allocation portfolios, built on four core investment beliefs that..

  • A realistic and accurate asset model is crucial to making correct decisions around diversification.
  • You can achieve sustainable performance through a consistent and objective framework for judging the relative attractiveness of different asset classes
  • Risk benchmarks should be stable and only respond gradually to changes in short-term volatility.
  • Steady incremental gains best achieve significant long-term outperformance.

Key benefits

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A powerful model and logical approach, suitable for a wide range of investment situations, risks and objectives
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Tailoring for all manner of requirements to cover the vast range of investors and goals

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Capability to assess disparate investments on the same basis and drive better investment solutions

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Our collaborative and pragmatic approach ensures solutions are right for wealth managers and meet client investment objectives

Credibility of approach

Our powerful research and optimised multi-asset allocations sit at the heart of our clients' investment process, helping to deliver investment solutions that meet their investment objectives. Our dynamic approach to asset-allocation has successfully helped our clients navigate periods of market volatility based on our robust modelling framework.


Our clients

We provide our clients with a robust, repeatable and cost-effective multi-asset portfolio solution. Index companies, ETFs, fund providers, asset managers, wealth managers and platforms can deliver strong risk-adjusted returns using our multi-asset portfolios.
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