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Your future financial planning journey starts here.

Here are just some of the great benefits you can enjoy with our financial planning software for advisers.

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Reduce the risk of misaligning your advice process

Deliver consistent, repeatable advice, underpinned by the same risk descriptions, all in one place.


Spend more time with clients and on the things you enjoy

Enhanced configuration supports the efficiency of your advice process. Saving you time and resources.


Demonstrate your true value

Show the value of your advice with a user-friendly interface and engaging client experience, building trust and increasing client understanding.


Avoid fines, mitigate risk and feel confident in the advice you deliver

Prove the suitability of your advice with evidence that meets your regulatory requirements.

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Increase client confidence with realistic future modelling

Help your client meet their financial objectives more of the time, using real-world forecasting methodology to build long-term client confidence.

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Tailor to your individual client needs

Build a robust advice proposition and improve repeatability in line with your client’s risk appetite and objective.

Deliver a complete advice journey with our holistic financial planning software for advisers.

Click on the buttons below to find out more about each of EVPro’s financial planning modules.

EVPro Risk

The tool delivers a client risk profiling solution, including various psychometric, behavioural and knowledge-based questions. With the addition of questions around your clients' ESG preferences, add value to your conversations and gain a competitive edge in the industry’s growing trend.

  • Growth and Income objectives - questionnaires to complete both accumulation and decumulation risk profiling
  • ESG questionnaire - a concise questionnaire to understand the importance of sustainable investing and to drive your client discussions
  • Separate Attitude to Risk, Knowledge & Experience, Capacity for loss, and ESG outputs - Each area can be confirmed individually and summarised in an easy-to-understand report
  • Inconsistency checks - In-journey validation confirmation alerts
  • Joint life - Separate results for both individuals in the plan.
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EVPro Invest

This tool provides a comprehensive analysis of your clients' existing investments allowing you to create investment solutions consistent with your clients' financial objectives and risk appetite.


  • Term-based risk profiling - results, benchmarks, and risk profiling takes into account the term of the growth objective
  • Firm-specific risk benchmarks - Suitability based on your benchmarks
  • Multi-layer fund risk profiling - The solution shows the risk profile of each fund, portfolio, product and any combination of products
  • Growth and Income objectives - risk rating methodology for both accumulation and decumulation client objectives.
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EVPro Goal

The tool helps you easily create and communicate cash flow plans covering all stages of life, including pre, at, and post retirement. Thus, giving your clients a better understanding of their plans and the likelihood of meeting their financial life goals.


  • Capacity for loss - robust capacity for loss cash flow metrics
  • Likelihood of meeting expenses - probability of meeting expenditure every year across over 1,000 different independent market scenarios. Other tools are either based on funds at the end of term or just look at a single or few scenarios
  • Expenses met - worst case scenario drop in essential income to show that the base standard of living is maintained no matter what happens, or the level of the problem if it’s not possible
  • Asset adequacy - identification of a group of assets now compared to the amount required to meet the goal, and hence the level of capacity
  • Integrated risk suitability - the only solution that shows the probability of the plan working, taking into account the risk and reward of each asset, fund, portfolio and product as the standard output
  • Realistic annuity pricing - the solution uses results based on a yield model, so the forecast of future annuity prices is accurate and consistent with other assets
  • Enhanced calculations - for better result probability. Considers lifetime tax allowance, tax charges on pensions, and whether any tax-free cash was withdrawn from each pension product at different times.
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EVPro Solver

Available as a bolt-on to both the EVPro Invest and EVPro Goal modules, these tools allow you to add more value by finding additional problem-solving solutions with just a click of a button. Powered by our stochastic asset model, this automated functionality tool will help you solve your clients' problems more efficiently.


  • Optimisation solvers - Find the best possible plan by optimising individual factors, such as when your client can retire, how much to save, or allocating funds to meet their suitability requirements.
  • Rapid plan stress tests - Calculation of multiple additional stress tests covering factors outside the client’s control with no extra work for the adviser and within seconds.
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EVPro Review

Available as a bolt-on to the EVPro Goal module, this client review tool allows you to analyse, amend, and communicate your clients’ financial plans with a practical and easy client management framework while understanding the robustness of your overall advice business.

  • Oversight - create a consistent view across your business and identify where there could be issues with your clients’ financial plans
  • Regulation - provides a clear understanding of what the overall firm position is from a risk perspective of potential client complaints.
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Who does EVPro support?

We have designed the tool to support a range of different users. 
  • Advisers & Paraplanners
  • Large advice firms
  • IFA Networks
  • Platform & Product Providers

How can I access it?

We have a road map of Integrations planned for established adviser back-office systems.
While we work on this, you can test the latest release of the tool via the EV Adviser Academy by clicking the button below.

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Don't just take our word for it.

EVPro allows us to calibrate to our advice service. It will ensure a consistent environment that is easy to execute for our advisors. Additionally, each part of these solutions has the same risk descriptions, and stochastic projections ensuring a seamless financial planning journey."

James Newton – Yorkshire Wealth Management


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