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A complete, end-to-end financial planning solution lets advisers assess, build, stress-test, review and solve client plans.

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In today’s fast-paced world, the need for cutting-edge financial planning technology has never been more in demand. Staying ahead of your advisers' ever-evolving advice needs to keep up with client demands is critical to the longevity of your advisory business.

Complex processes, arduous administration and static advised client bases are slowing the progress of your advisory business down. Your tech must keep up with your adviser's needs and adapt when required. 

It’s important to have adviser tools behind you that lighten the administrative burden. Enable streamlined processes, freeing up capacity and expanding your advice services, allowing for future growth. 

EVPro delivers robust features such as client risk profiling, investment suitability analysis, cash flow planning, and stress tests. Your advisers will have everything at their fingertips to deliver seamless end-to-end financial planning that empowers game-changing financial advice. 

Deliver a complete advice journey with our holistic financial planning software for advisers.

EVPro Risk

This module delivers a client risk profiling solution, including various psychometric, behavioural, and knowledge-based questions. Adding questions about sustainable investment preferences adds value to conversations and gains a competitive edge in the industry’s growing trend.

  • Growth and Income objectives - questionnaires to complete both accumulation and decumulation risk profiling
  • ESG questionnaire - a concise questionnaire to understand the importance of sustainable investing and to drive your client discussions.
  • Separate Attitude to risk, Knowledge & experience, Capacity for loss, and Sustainable investing outputs - each area can be confirmed individually and summarised in an easy-to-understand report.
  • Inconsistency checks - at the end of the risk questionnaire, the user will be alerted if responses are wildly different.
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EVPro Invest

This module comprehensively analyses a clients’ existing investments, allowing advisers to create investment solutions consistent with their clients’ financial objectives and risk appetite.


  • Term-based risk profiling - results, benchmarks, and risk profiling consider the term of the investment objective.
  • Firm-specific risk benchmarks - Suitability based on your benchmarks if desired.
  • Multi-layer fund risk profiling - shows the risk profile of each fund, portfolio, product and any combination of products.
  • Growth and Income objectives - risk rating methodology for both accumulation and decumulation client objectives.
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EVPro Goal

This module helps advisers easily create and communicate cash flow plans covering all stages of life, including pre, at, and post-retirement. Thus, making it easier for their clients to meet their financial life goals.


  • Capacity for loss - robust capacity for loss cash flow metrics
  • Likelihood of meeting expenses - probability of meeting expenditure every year across over 1,000 different independent market scenarios. Other tools are either based on funds at the end of the term or look at a single or few scenarios.
  • Expenses met - worst case scenario drop in essential income to show that the base standard of living is maintained no matter what happens, or the level of the problem if it’s not possible.
  • Asset adequacy - identification of a group of assets now compared to the amount required to meet the goal, and hence the level of capacity.
  • Integrated risk suitability - the only solution that shows the probability of the plan working, taking into account the risk and reward of each asset, fund, portfolio and product as the standard output.
  • Realistic annuity pricing - select type of income drawdown product, view product's cash-in value and view annuity prices.  

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EVPro Solver

Available as a bolt-on to the EVPro Invest and EVPro Goal modules, you can add more value by finding additional problem-solving solutions with just a click of a button. Powered by our realistic stochastic asset model, this automated functionality tool will help you solve your clients' problems more efficiently.


  • Optimisation solvers - Find the best possible plan by optimising individual factors, such as when your client can retire, how much to save, or allocating funds to meet their suitability requirements.
  • Rapid plan stress tests -  check that the clients' plan can cope with multiple challenges. Market risks are considered in the main outputs and cover seven critical stress tests around economic changes, such as Inflation risk, diversification risk, sequencing risk, etc. This provides over 10,000 stress test scenarios across nine different stress tests.
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EVPro Review

Available as a bolt-on to the EVPro Goal module, this client review tool allows you to analyse, amend, and communicate your clients’ financial plans with a practical and easy client management framework while understanding the robustness of your overall advice business.

  • Oversight - create a consistent view across your business and identify where there could be issues with your clients’ financial plans
  • Regulation - provides a clear understanding of what the overall firm position is from a risk perspective of potential client complaints.
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EVPro's income drawdown functionality includes Just Group’s Secure Lifetime Income. Advisers can select SLI as part of an income drawdown solution within a client’s SIPP, allowing them to blend guaranteed income alongside other investment options.

Here are just some of the great benefits you can enjoy with our financial planning software for advisers.

  • Reduce the risk of misaligning your advice process

  • Spend more time with clients and on the things you enjoy

  • Demonstrate your true value

  • Avoid fines, mitigate risk and feel confident in your advice process

  • Increase client confidence with realistic future modelling

  • Tailor to your individual client needs

Our back office integrations


We have a road map of further integrations for established adviser back-office systems. While we work on this, you can trial EVPro for yourself by booking your demo today.

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Don't just take our word for it.

"Our clients trust us to deliver the best service and solutions to meet their individual needs. EVPro helps ensure that the investments we recommend match the client’s attitude to risk. The new MPS functionality will significantly reduce the time spent importing and updating the model portfolios we use, and more importantly allow us to risk rate blended solutions.”


Roger Clark – IFA Heritage Investments

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Instantly answer your customers’ financial questions such as understanding expected returns over a specific period and explaining potential retirement outcomes.

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