Effortlessly create plans that match your clients’ risk profile to suitable risk-rated funds

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You understand your clients’ needs better than anyone. To help, we have created a suite of engaging tools and calculators, empowering you to effortlessly deliver life-changing financial plans.

We take a different approach to financial planning solutions, encompassing robust definitions of risk across everything we do, while seamlessly integrating with your existing technology.



The process of modelling assets stochastically can be complicated. But we make it simple with robust, compliant tools highlighting all the financial risks your clients face with a range of possible outcomes.

Feel safe knowing you have everything you need to manage your client engagements with tools offering speed, power and simplicity.



What are you looking to achieve?

Reduce the amount of time taken to create new financial plans for your clients.
Find new and innovative ways to engage with your clients.
Quickly provide a financial healthcheck to your clients, so they get the right  advice service when they need it.
Show that your existing advice process is robust and compliant.
Easily identify which clients you need to talk with to keep their plans on  track.
Understand the best way to invest in your client’s portfolio to align with  their individual risk profile and objectives.
Risk Profiler

ESG enabled for Growth and Income Objectives

A range of psychometric questionnaires enables you to accurately establish your clients’ attitude to risk, capacity for loss, and ESG preferences. Identify how comfortable your client is with the volatility of their investment outcomes or the sustainability of their income and communicate risk in an easy to understand way.


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