Digital Advice Framework

Group 11001

Building on Solid Foundations

Fully developed technology solutions to create your own digital advice process

Creating your own digital advice journey can have many complexities. Our market ready
Digital Advice Framework and range of fully integrated adviser tools, provide you with the foundations needed to deliver a simplified digital advice proposition to your organisation.  

Our aim is to help you drive down the cost of delivering high-quality financial advice while ensuring the right outcome for your customers. Benefit from our combined experience of delivering our proprietary digital advice solution and our comprehensive range of advice tools, to help you create your bespoke digital and hybrid advice process.

We understand the importance of delivering a solution that..


Reduces your cost of delivery of advice

whilst keeping it as consistent as possible with either online or adviser given.

Supports your existing adviser team

with hybrid advice and to help them move to more value added services by reducing the time they spend with their clients.

Expands your customer base

by reaching new customer segments that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to service, leading to more revenue.

What is it?

Our Digital Advice Framework provides a selection of core modules which you can use to deliver a simplified advice proposition.

  • Rules engine - to amend fully configurable advice algorithms, suitability report drivers and content based on your own advice and compliance standards.
  • Advice engine - visual flow diagram controls the process and can be managed by business analysts with ease.
  • Calculation engine - Swiftly understand your client’s cash flow and investment situation. Just as quickly, how their situation can be improved.
  • Automated test solution - Feel confident knowing that our testing tools check all aspects of the site, including the look and feel and the advice outcomes in hours. With the ability to run over 1,000 backtests in just a few hours to check changes before launching

How will I use it?

Our Digital Advice Framework is designed for use by companies who want to provide fully or partially digital online advice:


Useful for hybrid

or fully digital advice processes which can be either focussed on a single advice issue or part of a comprehensive financial plan.


Any advice process can be included

from pre-retirement through to at and in-retirement, savings to investments, pension switches transfers, and protection.


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