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What is it?

We can create market-leading personalised financial videos, using our Insight asset model, calculation engine, APIs and data visualisation technology.

These videos give you an opportunity to help your customers better engage with their finances, and make it easier to give them information. Plus, our videos form a seamless partnership with financial planning tools that share the same personalised insights and APIs.

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Pension statement

Designed to replace a paper statement, we consider your user's current pot size, contributions and target, and present their current pension projection.

Our backsolve calculations then suggest specific actions the user can take to meet their target if they are off track.

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Fin, the digital assistant

Fin is a digital assistant who guides people through data entry, explains results and suggests ways they can improve their outcomes. Fin uses the same technology as our personalised videos and demonstrates the power of our APIs.

As an animated personalised tool, Fin gives people a real-time, interactive experience.
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